Market Entry and Growth Strategy for Lab Coagulation Product Line in Korea, China and India

YCP Solidiance delivers a business model containing portfolio alignment to meet market needs, redefines distribution strategy and realigns geographic focus.



A global laboratory diagnostics and pharmaceuticals player.


Solidiance analyzed three markets for each category separately on below parameter:

  1. the client's own on-ground execution and current product strategies; 
  2. distribution channel mapping, calculation of total retail universe & price mapping; 
  3. marketing, advertisements & incentives schemes required to succeed in each category;
  4. changing customer habits and their decision making behaviors;
  5. competition analysis based on above market inputs.

YCP Solidiance delivered a business model containing portfolio alignment to meet market needs, redefined distribution strategy and realigned geographic focus for each segment within markets.


YCP Solidiance deployed a team of five consultants, a manager and a Partner on this project. The team conducted in-depth interviews with competitors, distributors, hospital and lab procurement staff, prescribing doctors, laboratory managers and other key stakeholders.

Market Entry Strategy Lab Coagulation

Engagement ROI

Our client was able to understand market needs, competitor movements and gaps in internal strategy. YCP Solidiance proposed business model was fed in to clients vision 2022 strategy and presented to board at global HQ. Client was able to plan which market segments to focus on and develop a concise marketing plan for the targeted segments.

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