Vietnam and Thailand's Manufacturing & Investment Landscape Review

A major electronic company wants to reduce its reliance in China and shift focus to Vietnam and Thailand.

Market Research


Major western electronics company.


Client is seeking to diversify its supply chain to Southeast Asia and reduce its reliance on China. However, it needed a clear assessment of the manufacturing & investment landscapes in Vietnam and Thailand to clarify if these countries would be suitable for expansion. The client needed an in-depth understanding of the electronics manufacturing landscape, regulatory environment, labor skills & availability, and logistics networks.


YCP Solidiance's expertise in Vietnam and Thailand's industrial sectors provided the client clear insight enabling them to make an evidence-based decision on their expansion plans. The client benefited from up-to-date market facts and insights as well as discussions with stakeholders across the landscape. We facilitated a client market visit to Hanoi, Ho Chi Minh City, and Bangkok so that they could see firsthand what is happening here and meet with a range of leading industry players across manufacturing, regulatory, HR, and other industry experts. Prior to the client's visit, we gave them the market context and insights they needed to prepare for their trip and them accompanied them on their site visits to support their own research.

Engagement ROI

The client now has the quantitative and qualitative insights it needs to proceed with its expansion plans and has begun the process of setting operations in the region.

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